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Caribbean Kitchen 

   "Taste The Bahamas"

              Featuring  Pineapple Glazed Pulled Pork  Sliders

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Freeport Fritters- Savory batter, filled with veggies and conch ( delicious white meat shell-fish),

deep-fried and served with our tangy aioli .... $30/Qt of batter 2 Qt minimum

Mango Glazed Wings- Marinated in lime juice and Bahama Blend TM and finished with our mango-rum glaze... $15/Lb 3 Lb. minimum

Grand Bahama Grouper Fingers- Grouper fillets are cut into strips, seasoned, Panko breaded,

deep-fried and served with lime wedges and various dipping sauces .... $60/Lbs. 

Grandma Mae's Conch Chowder- This is the Bahamian answer to Manhattan clam chowder,

sauteed vegetables and conch are slowly simmered in tomato, cream broth with a touch of sherry. ....$24/Qt 3 Qt. minimum


Pineapple Glazed Pork Shoulder- Lime marinated pork shoulder is seared, seasoned with our (Bahama Blend Spice Rub™), slow roasted until it falls off the bone and finished with a pineapple glaze.... $12/lb ( 1 lb. feeds approximately 3) 6 lb. minimum

Savory Mango Glazed Beef- succulent beef marinated in fresh lime juice and our signature spice rub (Bahama Blend TM). It is slow cooked until fork tender and finished with our famous mango glaze.... $20/lb (1 lb. feeds approximately 3) 4 lb, minimum

Paradise Snapper- Spiced rubbed Lane-snapper baked with onions and peppers.... $32/Lbs. 2 lb. minimum

Calypso Chicken- Marinated whole fryer in fresh lime juice and our signature spice rub (Bahama Blend TM) ,,, $35/chicken

C C's Coconut Curried Chicken-Seasoned chicken is slow simmered with fresh vegetables in a rich curry broth and served over white rice....$14/Qt

4 Qt. minimum

Spice Rubbed Ribeye- Lime marinated Ribeye steak, generously seasoned with Bahama Blend ™ spice rub and grilled to perfection....$32/Lbs. 

3 lb. minimum

Izzy's Junkanoo Jambalaya - Seared, seasoned spareribs are slow oven-cooked over a bed of savory rice....$25 /Qt 3 Qt. minimum

T-bone's Smuddered Chops- Seared bone-in pork chops, slow cooked in spicy tomato sauce and topped with onions and mozzarella cheese....$15/lb 3 lb. minimum


Bahamian Baked Mac & Cheese- A Bahamian twist on an American classic. A unique blend of noodles,

three cheeses and savory veggies. It is baked to a golden brown perfection with a Parmesan-breadcrumb crust.

Full pan- $75 feeds approximately 30

Half pan- $40 feeds approximately 15

Beans n Rice/ Peas and Rice - rice, veggies, beans or pigeon peas are well seasoned and simmered in broth until light and fluffy....$12/Qt

3 Qt. minimum

Dinner rolls.... $15/3 doz. (3 doz. minimum)

Fried Sweet Plantain- Pan fried in olive oil until golden brown....$10/Lb 2 lb. minimum

Citrus Cilantro Slaw- Not your everyday slaw! A unique blend of cabbage, craisins, apples, cilantro and other fresh ingredients, made fresh with our secret slaw dressing....$20/Qt 2 Qt. minimum


Guava Duff- A traditional fragrant Bahamian pastry served in a butter sauce....$35/role (Serves approximately 10)

Pineapple Upside Down Cake-$45/ (cake feeds 10-12)

Banana Fritters- A light banana-vanilla batter, deep-fried and dusted with powdered sugar.... $15/Qt 2 Qt. minimum

Key Lime Cheese Cake Custards- Ind servings ($4/custard/1 doz. minimum) 1 Doz. minimum 


Assorted pop.... $2.00 1 2 can minimum (12 oz. cans)

Water.... $1.00 12 bottle minimum

Ting (refreshing carbonated grapefruit drink).... $3.00 6 bottle minimum

  • $25.00 delivery fee added to each delivery
  • Delivery is limited to a 15 mile radius from 55403 zip code
  • Additional $15 fee applies beyond 15 miles radius (up to a 30 mile radius)
  • $80 delivery fee beyond 30 mile radius, up to 60 miles
  • 7.52% sales taxes is added to total

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